Characteristics of Virtualization In Web Hosting in The Cloud

When talking about types of cloud computing,  it will be important to talk about virtualization. Cloud computing typically starts with virtualization. Virtualization is using computer resources to imitate other computer resources or whole computer. It separates resources and services from the underlying physical delivery environment. How is Virtualization in Cloud Computing It has three characteristics that make it ideal for cloud computing: In virtualization, many applications and operating systems are supported in a single physical system by separating the available resources. Each virtual machine is isolated from its host’s physical system and other virtualized machines. Because of this isolation, if one virtual instance clashes, it doesn’t affect the other virtual machines. In addition, the data isn’t shared between one virtual container and another. A virtual machine can be represented and even stored as a single file, so you can identify it easily based on the service it provides. In essence, the encapsulated process could be a business service. This encapsulation can protect each application in cloud computing so that it doesn’t interfere with other applications. Application of Virtualization in Cloud Computing Virtualization can be applied to; memory, network, storage, hardware, operating system, applications. It is important for cloud computing because it decouples the software from the hardware. Decoupling means that the software is put in a separate container so that it is isolated from the operating system. Forms of Virtualization in Cloud Computing To understand how virtualization helps in cloud computing,  you must understand its forms. In essence, in all cases, a resource actually emulates or imitate another resource. Examples are: Virtual memory. The disks have a lot more space than computer memory….