These Yoga Teacher Tips Will Make You a Better Instructor

Yoga is a very respectable profession, but it is not easy; you have to be energetic and fit enough to motivate others to build strength. Here are some yoga teachers tips that will make you become a better instructor:



You have to be very calm and organized in order to become a yoga instructor. To build a good environment of learning, your tone needs to be soft and soothing. Being a professional is the main part of the preparation that you cannot miss.  

Put Your Own Practice First 

You have to enrich yourself and maintain your own flexibility before teaching anyone else. Yoga requires constant practice; once you lose your stamina and flexibility, then you might not be able to become one of the best instructors out there. You have to make a schedule and give time to your inner soul and body. That is, you can only teach when you know something. 


Try to build a safe and creative environment for your students. They should know that their yoga instructor cares about them. Make a diet chart for them; decorate the yoga room in a way that gives them motivation. Make conversation with students after yoga practice to help them out with their problems. Connect with everyone. 

Keeping it Real 

Make sure that you are a positive example in front of your students and that you don’t show any issues of your own that you are facing in life. Do connect with them, but you are their mentor. You are supposed to be a strong and highly positive entity for them. 

Be Present 

Never be mentally unavailable in front of the students. Always push them harder towards their goals and remain focused. So they know that you are concerned. That you have a sense of responsibility in yourself about their grooming and health. 

Ask for Mentorship Opportunities 

Yoga teacher graduates are mostly looking for experienced yoga trainers. They don’t want to continue their practice professionally unless they have learned everything from a mentor. So this is the best tip you can get to become a great yoga instructor. Never think that this is bad for your ego, as it is the best gift you can get. Find a mentor and start your practice before starting teaching others. 


Never stop once your start teaching yoga. Yoga is a journey of learning; you don’t reach a door at the top of a long flight of stairs. You flow and learn every single thing you can do about it, then look for more. Visit studios and meet different yoga instructors. This way, you not only learn through other people’s experiences, but you also see how other instructors and students teach and learn.

You can become a great instructor is you are ready to dive into this journey.