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Clearing Our Thoughts about Web Hosting

Are you planning to launch your own online business website? If yes, then you are in the right track of your journey as you try to educate yourself on how to successfully conquer the World Wide Web. Let us all be reminded that not only new online business can have their own webpage but also established websites can expand their business online. The first step on your journey of conquering the virtual world is to choose the best service provider.

What does it mean with online hosting?


Hosting simple refers to renting a virtual space on the web server in other to gain visibility over the net. Keep in mind that a particular website is not a single entity but it is linked to several HTML codes which as gathered together in a specific server. So, if a website owner wish to create better visibility online then their website should house in a server with the same file. Online hosting is such a broad topic to understand easily. We just have to take some time to learn and understand each concept in hosting service.

Generally hosting service can be availed either free of charge or for specific payment. Client may choose pay in a regular basis for the continuous hosting service. It covers the upgrading and the maintenance to keep the website available anytime of the day and anywhere we are. Perhaps, you can have your own server but it takes a lot of skills and finances to maintain it. As a result, it is practical to pay for outsource hosting service provider who will successfully do the job for you. Why give too much trouble for yourself when someone can actually ease the burden for you? You do not need to monitor your website 24/7 because the outsource server can do it. All you have to do is visit the website in a regular basis and respond to inquiries whenever necessary.

Although, there are a lot of free hosting services that we can find online but we should keep the limitation of this service. What do you expect with free service? Well, only limited services are offered. If you wish to find high-end features then find a web hosting with the kind of service that you need and pay the necessary payments monthly.

Type of Hosting That You Might Know

  • Shared Hosting: As the name suggest these simply refers to a group of websites linked together as they share the same server. Almost 90% of websites on the internet are govern with shared hosting. This is the cheapest hosting services because the overall cost are divided to all websites linked on the server. It is also known as virtual hosting. Clients of this hosting service varies only on bandwidth coverage and the amount of web space.
  • Dedicated Hosting: If you own a big website which caters a lot of visitors everyday then you might be needing a dedicated hosting which only focus on your website. This is well-known because of its high security and privacy offered to the website owner. Although, it is quite expensive but it is all worth it especially for big online businesses.

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