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The Functionality of Web Hosting Services

One factor that makes the Internet run continuously is the creation and building of websites. These websites or also known as sites consist of web pages that are filed into one domain name. The domain name must be registered to make it accessible in the World Wide Web. The web pages are created based on the theme you have or related to your business. The web pages are plain text or documents that are formatted on Hypertext Mark-up language or the HTML or XHTML. And these can be accessed through the Uniform Resource Locals or the URL which is called the web address. There are actually different types of websites. Among them are the academic sites, business sites, gaming websites, social networking websites, file-sharing websites and websites that offer services and products, among others. However these websites must be connected via Internet so that it can be accessible in the browser and can be searched by users. This can be done by hosting the website. This is also referred to as web hosting or often termed as Internet hosting service.

Defining Internet Hosting Services

Internet hosting services is a service provider that makes your website accessible in the Internet online. The hosting service provides a server and Internet connectivity. These would make your website run continually in the World Wide Web.

The Benefits of Hosting Service


Hosting service is very beneficial for your website and for your business. With this service millions of people will know your website and business thus it markets your products and services too in Internet online.

The hosting provider also gives you a server that can be leased or rented. With this server you can store your files. They also provide bandwidth, disk space, and e-mail accounts. These can improve and develop your website. The e-mail accounts can connect you with your customers. You will also know information on who are the people visiting your website. This can help to improve your business. Hosting provider has also features such as e-commerce wherein you can put an online store at your website. This could be an added business for some website owners. They will also promote and advertise your website through their community directories and your website will gain exposure thus gaining potential customers for your business. There are also different types of hosting services that you can choose from.

Types of Hosting Services

Among the common hosting services that are chosen by the users are (1) Free Web Hosting Service. This type of hosting service is for free however it offers limited features. (2) Shared Web Hosting Service, such as /hostgator-coupon/. With this hosting service the users shared a common server and an Internet Protocol (IP) address. It has the basic features such as providing you with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, and unlimited domains. It costs range from $3 to $10 per month. (3) Dedicated Hosting Service. This hosting service provides the user with a server for his own use only. The user can manage the administrative of his server too. This costs $100 to $200 per month.

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