Backpacks are the new briefcase

A new trend has begun in wall street and other business environments across the globe, and it is about to revolutionize how you carry your office materials and documents from place to place. In the past, the debate was between backpacks and briefcases; which offers the best option in terms of carriage capacity and sleekness? However, with the versatile and wide-ranging revolutionary backpacks that are available in our store today, you may never again have to choose between a backpack and a briefcase. Now you can enjoy the flexibility and versatility that the bulk backpacks offer, even as you benefit from the chic urban feel that briefcases provide.

Whereas backpacks are widely touted for their voluminous carriage capacity and the easy access they offer to carriers, they have more to offer than volume alone. With the recent advancement in tech, bulk backpacks have been redesigned to be more aesthetically appealing and compact, even as they provide optimal space for storage. Now you can carry your personal computer, files, folders, and the rest to and from your office in your backpack without feeling out of place. Backpacks are even more versatile than their predecessors since they can be structured to serve the purpose of a backpack and briefcase at will. Some variants even go further to feign the messenger bag design by including a side/front worn option in their structure.

The Benefits of Using a Bulk Briefcase

1. Versatility

This is probably the most important factor in the long list of factors influencing the modern-day gents and ladies to choose backpacks as their new briefcase. Unlike the convectional briefcases, Backpacks can be adapted to serve a range of functions. You can use bulk backpacks to carry your laptops, large files, and lunch. This is more than we can say for the average briefcase. Even with the bulkiest briefcase, you’ll still experience difficulty fitting in your essentials into your bag.

2. large Storage

If there is one thing we cannot leave out of this long list, it’s the large storage that backpacks offer. With backpacks, you won’t have to worry about your articles getting squashed in your bag. Bulk backpacks are designed to provide maximum storage with their aesthetic intact. Thus you can access large storage without feeling like you are missing out on the compact feel of your briefcase. If ever you get tired of carrying your briefcase, switch to the backpack option for a cushier carriage.

3. More value

Aside from style and volume, value is another thing to consider when deciding between the conventional briefcase and the bulk backpack. If you are looking to gain more value on your investment, then opt for a bag that can be adapted to serve a range of functions. Unlike the conventional briefcases that serve one purpose, our custom backpack serves the dual purpose of briefcase and backpack. More and more business owners are actually purchasing bulk backpacks for employees as a health initiative.


As the world is moving towards a more personalized society where everything is tailored to customers’ needs, a bag that can be adapted to serve a range of functions is the ideal briefcase.