COVID-19 Antibodies Versus Immunity – What Is The Difference?

Standing in the 21st century, we never expected that we would suffer from a global pandemic. COVID-19 is a deadly virus from the coronavirus family and the entire world has been affected by this. As of now, there is no vaccine available for this virus. Therefore, COVID-19 testing has become a vital part. Testing is being done across the globe and the test used to detect the virus is called the PCR test. Along with the PCR test, there are many antibody and antigen tests are in development.

However, our body has an immune system that is called the body’s defense. It provides ultimate protection against infections and viruses. If any harmful germ enters into our body, it attacks them and helps us to keep our body healthy.

There are differences between antibody tests and the immune system. Amid this critical situation where the virus is completely known, people must know the difference between these two. We have elaborated the differences here. So, have a look at the following points:


An antibody is actually a Y-shaped protein. It is produced by the B cells that exist in our immune system. When our body is exposed to an antigen, B cells produce antibodies. Well, the tips of the Y-shape protein are called paratopes. These are basically antigen-binding sites and they bind to a certain portion of the surface of the antigen. This surface is called an epitope. This binding process is very vital as it helps to eliminate the harmful antigens from our bodies. The elimination process can be direct or indirect. In the case of a direct process, the antigens will be neutralized by the paratopes. On the other side, in case of an indirect process, the other arms of our immune system help to eliminate the antigen from our body.

If our body is affected by the COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2, our body produces antibodies. These antibodies bind to the spike proteins and antigens in order to eliminate the deadly virus from our bodies. This binding process is monitored as well as harnessed to develop the antigen and antibody-based diagnostic test.

Immune System

The immune system is a kind of anti-virus in our body. There are many organs and cells to work together to protect our bodies from viruses. Among these, white blood cells play an important role. Some impactful white blood cells are lymphocytes and phagocytes.

So, these are differences between antibodies and the immune system. If you want to ensure that your immune system is working optimally, we recommend trying supplements from Premier Research Labs, Integrative Therapeutics, and Argentyn 23. We hope that this article would be a helpful one for you.

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