How to Give a Toddler Medicine

If your child needs to take a supplement or other medicine, you may have run into a problem with giving it to them. It’s one thing to buy an over-the-counter remedy or pick up a prescription, but it is another to get them to ingest it. Whether it’s liquid medicine, gummies, or pills, giving toddlers medicine can be… a hard pill to swallow.

Here are some tips.

How to Give Liquids

  1. Give them a choice. For example, do they want to use a medicine dropper or a cup?
  2. For younger toddlers, use a syringe, and be sure to squirt the medicine into the lower cheek instead of the back of the throat
  3. Let your toddler work in small amounts. Wait for them to swallow before administering more.
  4. If it’s a prescription, many pharmacists can add flavoring to make the medicine easier to take. Ask your pharmacist if they’re able to add a fun flavor like cherry, grape, or strawberry.

How to Give Pills, Capsules, or Tablets

  1. If liquid medicine isn’t available, or if your child has a hard time with liquid medications, ask your child’s doctor or the pharmacist if there is a chewable version available. 
  2. If chewable is not an option, see if you can get capsules that can be opened up and sprinkled over food. That way, you can disguise the medicine in a tasty treat your child will eat. Try ice cream, yogurt, applesauce, pudding, a favorite juice, or even syrup!
  3. If it’s still a battle, alternate between bites of the food containing medicine, and food or a treat your child loves. Try rewarding each bite of food and medicine with, for example, an M&M. 
  4. If your child needs to swallow a pill, use a pill-cutter or knife to split the pill into smaller, easy to swallow pieces. Your child should probably not attempt swallowing pills until at least age four, and even then, only after lots of help and practice. For kids who aren’t old enough or able to swallow pills, make sure to inform your doctor or pharmacist before they write or fill the prescription.

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