How To Measure Body Fat Percentage At Home

Measuring body fat is very important. Well, if you are measuring body fat and you are observing that there is no remarkable change in your body, it will definitely demotivate you. But, you will have to understand that body weight is not your main focus. There are many overweight persons who are living a healthy life, and on the other side, there are ‘normal weight’ people who are very unhealthy. Measuring body fat will let you know the percentage of fat that your body has. If the percentage is on the lower side, it means that the mass of lean muscle in your body is on the higher side. Now, if you are planning to measure the body fat percentage at home, you need to know the right processes. Here, we will be talking about those processes. So, do not overlook the below-mentioned points:

Tape Measure

This is one of the basic ways to measure the percentage of body fat in your body at home. You just need soft tape in order to measure the body fat percentage. The Tape Measure process works differently for men and women.

For men, you need to measure the periphery the abdomen, and the neck. You will have to measure the largest part of these areas. Well, you might need another person to perform this process properly. Now, you will have to subtract or deduct the neck value from the abdomen value. This is how; you can measure the body fat percentage.

If you are a woman, you need to measure the periphery of your hips, natural waist, and neck. Now, if you want to measure the body fat percentage, you will have to add hip measurements and natural waist measurements. After that, you will have to cut out the neck measurement from this. This is how you will be able to measure the body fat percentage at home.

Well, you will have to ensure that when you are adding tape, you are not compressing the skin.


This is another effective body fat percentage measuring process. It is a kind of skin-fold test. There are different ways to do this test. But, mostly, people follow the process that was developed by Jackson-Pollock in 1980. 

If you are a man, you will have to measure the fat at your thigh, abdominals, and chest. For women, it will be superailiac and triceps. After this, you need calipers. Well, this thing comes with instruction. It will let you know how you can turn those numbers into body fat percentages. 

So, these are some processes through which you can measure body fat percentage at home.