How to Overcome a Hunger Headache

Starvation can lead to severe hunger headaches. Poor nutrition can lead to headaches and acid reflux.

Some people also get a migraine because of being hungry. Muscle tension is also caused by low blood sugar levels, which makes your body weak and vulnerable. You feel a fainting sensation too. 

Here Are the Symptoms of Hunger Headaches: 


  • Dull pain in the middle of the head.
  • A sensation like there is something rolling in your head. 
  • Irritating tension in your neck and shoulders. 
  • Fatigue and dizziness.
  • Shakiness. 


Good nutrition and proper food intake can help a person avoid and overcome these hunger headaches. If you are starving on purpose, then you better get a healthy, filling snack to relieve your mind and body. Examples for snacks can be protein bars make with turmeric, granola bars, nuts, and yogurt, etc. Protein intake is one of the best ways to make you feel better and fulfill your needs. 

There is another way to conquer these headaches. Carbohydrates help sustain blood sugars for a long time. So loading yourself up with whole wheat bread and rice, fruits, and cereals, etc., is the best way to notch it up. 

There is another cause of hunger headache, which is dehydration. You need to take a good amount of water in your daily life to help fight against these hunger headaches as they can easily spoil your whole day. Some hormones are released in the brain and body when you are dehydrated, such as histamines. So you need to get at least a traveling water bottle so you can fill it up anytime on the go. 

Not sleeping on time can also cause hunger headaches. As when you are going through sleep deprivation, even food doesn’t help you switch your brain on. A lot of caffeine might help and a proper 8 hours of sleep, at least. 

Caffeine is not good for daily purposes, and it is certainly not healthy, but if you take a small cup of it on days when you didn’t get enough sleep, then you should be fine. It will help you fight hunger headaches. 

Avoiding processed foods is also the key to overcome a hunger headache. They contain refined sugars and preservatives, which can wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels. Whole food options are healthier and cause satisfaction to the body. They have proper nutrients that your body craves, and they don’t digest quickly. Hence, fulfilling meals and mind.