How To Train Like Olympic Cyclists

Olympic cyclists follow a very strict routine. Most of us might not be as fast as them. But, it does not mean that you should not try. It does not matter whether you have a deep interest in fitness or you are just a weekend warrior, we have a training schedule for you. These training techniques will definitely help you to avoid injury, lose weight and improve speed.

Keep An Eye On Your Training Intensity

Professional Olympic cyclists never get on the cycle without having a particular goal in mind. Depending upon your goals, you can set the training zones and training intensity of cycling workouts. Jumping on a cycle and going for a ride will not give you desired results. You should have a proper training plan consisting of hill repeats, interval training, a mix of slow rides and long rides, learning bike-handling skills, and many more. You will have to improve the overall pedaling efficiency. This is how you will become a professional cyclist.

Monitor Food Intake

This is another important thing that you need to do in order to become an Olympic cyclist. Professional cyclists always measure the calorie of the food before eating it. It gives them a concrete idea about how much weight they are gaining between the rides. Monitoring food intake is very important. In this regard, you can use a fitness app to monitor how many calories you are consuming.

Eat Well

Are you preparing for long-distance riding events? Well, professional cyclists have a different eating plan for this kind of event. They consume 90 to 100 g. of carbohydrates and apart from this, they drink almost 3 liters of fluid every hour while riding a bike. Well, depending upon the weather condition, it might get changed. The core objective is to maintain the energy level. In addition to this, you will have to keep in mind that eating sugary sports drinks and energy bars will overkill the entire training process. Eventually, you will gain weight.

Get Post-Ride Massage

Yes, getting a post-ride massage is very important and pro cyclists enjoy it. Post-ride massage improves muscle tissue and the nervous system. It actually prevents muscle soreness and speeds the recovery process. Well, if you do not have enough money for getting a post-ride massage from professionals, you can use a foam roller. This will give you similar results.

As of now, you have understood everything about Olympic cyclists training. So, do not wait; get into it.