Most Nutrient Dense And Low Calories Foods

Most people believe that doing physical exercise on a daily basis will help to reduce weight. Well, this is not completely true; if you want to see the real result, you will have to keep an eye on your calorie intake. Yes, you need to reduce the total calorie intake in order to reduce excessive weight effectively. Now, when it comes to reducing calorie intake, you should have concrete knowledge about low calories and nutrient-dense foods.

In order to help you, here, we will be covering the most nutrient-dense and low calories food. There are different categories and we have covered them all.

Meat And Poultry

This is a high-protein category. If you are trying to reduce calorie intake, you can go for poultry and lean meat. You can try the following:

Eye Of Round Steak. You can still enjoy steak even while trying to reduce calorie intake. It is rich in iron and vitamin B12. The essential nutrients will improve the oxygen flow throughout your body and on the other side, vitamin B12 will form red blood cells. You will have to keep in mind that the eye of the round steak is a lean cut and so, you cannot overcook this piece.

Boneless Chicken Breast. Chicken is a rich source of protein. Now, if you want to reduce your calorie intake, you will have to ensure that the chicken piece does not have visible fat and skin. The best option is boneless chicken breast.

Turkey Breast. Turkey breast is another option that you can have while trying to reduce calorie intake. It has niacin, vitamin B, and vitamin B6. 

Fish And Seafood

If you love fish and seafood, you can try the following:

Cod. Well, cod is a kind of white fish that is low in calories and high in protein. It has selenium, iodine, and vitamin B12. It will improve thyroid and brain function and it can help you to reduce body weight.

Salmon. Salmon is another fish that you can have. It is rich in vitamin B12 and omega-3s. It will help you in reducing body weight and along with this, it will help to get rid of cancer, autoimmune diseases, and many more.


Vegetables are high in antioxidants, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. They are also low in calories. You can add Chinese cabbage, watercress, radishes, cucumber, celery, kale, and spinach to your daily diet. It will help to reduce weight.

There is no need to get a hunger headache. Stock up on Amazing Grass and Healthy Origins supplements, and try some of the aforementioned nutrient-dense and low calorie foods.