Sound Machine For Toddler: The Pros and Cons of This Machine?

Although sleeping and crying are normal for toddlers, they create a lot of problems for everyone in the family at bedtime, like raising your heart rate for the worst. This is why some people put sound machines in their toddler’s bedroom, but are these machines good for toddlers? Let’s take a look!

What is a Sound Machine?

A sound machine is an electronic device that produces sounds that are designed to affect the brain in a positive way. This can include stress or the inability to stay asleep, to name a few of their benefits. Some popular sounds that are produced include:

  • Natural Sounds: Sound machines produce natural sounds such as the sounds of croaking frogs or thunderstorms.
  • White Noise: These machines create static noise similar to what you would hear from a radio or TV when it does not have a signal. It is a kind of a consistent buzzing.
  • Pink Noise: Pink noise refers to muddy static sounds such as rushing water. Doctors are of the opinion that these sounds are more effective than others and it can enhance your memory.

Unexpected sounds such as the meowing of cats and barking of dogs are really disturbing, especially when you hear it while trying to sleep. In some cases, these sound machines can help to drown out these sounds so you get the sleep you want.

Is It Safe For Toddlers?

Sound machines for adults and sound machines for toddlers draw two different pictures. Although it has been found that sound machines help adults as well as new-born babies to sleep better at night, some doctors have different opinions.

Some doctors suggest not to use it for newborn babies. A doctor used a sound machine in the nursery of the hospital and he observed that the sound sometimes went above 85 decibels. 50 decibels is the prescribed limit for the nurseries, and 85 is suitable for adults. But anything above 85 decibels requires earplugs to wear; otherwise, you may damage hearing.

Some recent reports also make us skeptical about these product. According to some reports, fuzzy soundtracks that are otherwise known as white noise affect the neural system of our brain, and consequently, your kids might actually suffer hearing damage if used excessively.

Should We Stop Using Them?

Everything has a solution, but the problem with sound machines may be alleviated somewhat by following the below-mentioned suggestions:

  • Keep Decibels Low: If you keep the sound at a very low decibel, you may have an overall lower risk of developing problems.
  • Place Machines Away from Baby’s Crib: If you want to use a sound machine for your baby, try to keep the decibel below 50 and far away from the baby’s crib, or even outside of the room. However, you may be better off not using one at all if it is a concern for you.

If you have already purchased a sound machine for your baby, rethink how you are using it, or move it to another room in the house to use while reading or for other activities.