The Health Benefits of Music

It is often said that music is a beautiful thing, not just because of its sweet tunes and melodies but also because of its ability to reach the soul and heal the body. Is it not intriguing how the sound of certain music can bring sweet memories of the past flooding your mind and how music can stir up happiness or sadness within you?

Humans are born with the unique gift of knowing the difference between noise and music, the tempo of the music you are listening to can have tremendous effects on your body. When you listen to fast music it can have the following effects on you:

  • Increase your breathing,
  • Increase your heart rate,
  • Increase your blood pressure. 

While listening to slow-paced music can have the following effects:

  • Lower your blood pressure, 
  • Reduce your heart rate,
  • Slower your breathing. 

Music can be made with various instruments, among these are vintage guitars. They have the capability of making a variety of music, from fast to slow, from rock and roll to blues.

Many studies have been conducted on music and the various effects of can have on humans, one of these studies discovered that when you listen to music that you like your brain releases dopamine and this makes you feel better.

Health Benefits of Music 

The health benefits of music are many as already seen above. We are going to explore some more health benefits of music below.

  1. Stress Reduction: when you listen to slow-paced music, like those played with vintage guitars it has the ability to relax you and reduce stress. Slowed paced music has been used in some medical procedures to help patients relax. This is very beneficial to health because stress can lead to several health problems over time.
  2. Mood Improvement: music can speak to you in times of great stress, bad moods, and depression. Studies have proved that music can improve your mood, imagine listening to your favorite song after you just had a quarrel with a loved one or after you’ve had a bad day the chances that listening to that music will improve your mood are very high. This will help regulate your emotions, relax your mind, and make you feel better which is beneficial to your overall wellbeing. 
  3. Reduces Anxiety: if you are experiencing anxiety one of the recommended remedies is to listen to music, music can help soothe your nerves and calm you down. When you listen to slow-paced music it can reduce all the physical symptoms of anxiety-like fast breathing and heart rate. Anxiety can be detrimental to your health both mental and physical, listening to music can help you avoid health complications that can arise from anxiety. 
  4. Improves Your Capacity to Exercise: it is no surprise that when people exercise they listen to music, this is due partly to the fact that when you listen to music as you exercise it increases your enjoyment of the exercise. Music can stimulate your physical capacity by improving your mood and boosting your mental capacity. When you listen to music you can do more aerobic exercise, lift more weights and jog farther. 
  5. Memory Improvement: research has been conducted into about the capacity of music to expand the human mind and boost memory, it has been discovered that the structure of music and its element of repetition of melody, lyrics, and rhythm can boost the capacity of the brain to form patterns and by so doing improve memory. Music can help you focus. 

There are several benefits of music to the health and we have explored some of them here. If you have some we missed on our list, let us know!