Use These Pulse Tests to Measure Your Heartbeat

Taking your pulse is part of a health check. Measurement of heartbeats per minute is taken to assess the regularity and strength of your pulse. You can check your pulse yourself easily as well at home by taking the right pulse tests. 

Pulse tests can also be taken when someone is having a blood pressure issue or cardiovascular health conditions. The resting heart rate is important for your heart muscles and overall health. For your general health, you should know how to measure your heartbeat through various types of pulse tests. 

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Things that can affect your heart rate include: 

  • Medications of some types.
  • Body temperature.
  • Position of your body and posture.
  • The caffeine intake you have normally.
  • Underlying heart conditions.
  • Emotional issues.

Types of Pulse Tests

Radial Pulse

A radial pulse test is a method by which you find the radial artery to determine the heartbeat. To do this, place your fingers, such as the middle and pointer finger, on the wrist just below the thumb. Make sure that you are not counting the heartbeats with your thumb as it will not give an exact reading and count how many beats you felt in 15 seconds. You can multiply the number of heartbeats by four and get the number of heartbeats you have per minute. 

Carotid Pulse 

A carotid artery pulse test is done by placing your fingers on your windpipe below the jawbone. Move your fingers around until you find the right spot where the heartbeat can be felt. Count your pulses in 15 seconds, and multiply by four to get your heartbeats per minute. 

Brachial Pulse

Your brachial artery is a place to feel for your pulse too. Turn your arm and bend it slightly so the inner arm is facing upwards. Place the fingers on the outside of the arm between the elbow and elbow bone. Move the fingers around, then press your fingers on that spot and feel the heartbeats. Obtain your heart rate by measuring it using the same method. 

Assistive devices 

You can also check your heartbeat per minute through digital assistive devices such as:

  • Blood pressure machines.
  • Fitness trackers.
  • Smartphone applications.
  • Stopwatch.
  • Workout machines.

The wireless monitor gives accurate readings that can be strapped around your chest. It is like a fitness tracker. 

Supplements to Aid Your Heart Health


The determination of genetic potential can be detected through nutrition. For health and lifestyle medicine in the field of neurogenic health care, Metagenic plays an important role. You can support health using Metagenic supplements. 

Pure encapsulations 

Pure Encapsulations are hypo-allergic supplements that work to help and treat and cure allergies and may provide support to the body in targeted ways. They are gluten, wheat, and nuts free. They are vegan supplements and have a motive to cure all types of sensitive allergies. 

Standard Process 

Standard Process provides vitamins and minerals in the form of capsules and supplements. When there is a certain vitamin capsule, it is said to be organic and always sugar free to help develop strength and to cure the parts of the body that are affected by a lack of energy.