Ways To Measure Inflammation At Home

If we specifically talk about the definition of inflammation, it is a kind of response of our body to the immune system. The entire cardiovascular system is influenced by it. Inflammation plays a very impactful role in the process of determining whether our body has caught a cold or not. It does not matter whether you are a non-athlete or athlete or a young person or an old person, you will definitely have inflammation in your body.

Inflammation is a process through which our body protects us from various harmful elements such as pathogens, irritants, and damaged cells. Most people might get confused between inflammation and infections. But, the fact is that infection is completely different. This thing occurs when our body is invaded by fungi, viruses, and bacteria. But, inflammation occurs when our body actually tries to eliminate those invaders. When it comes to maintaining the heart function and immune system of our body, inflammation plays a very important role. It actually keeps us in a healthy shape. However, it is very essential that you keep the body inflammation under control. Thus, you will feel good and you will keep yourself healthy as well.

Measure Inflammation

if you are injured or if you are suffering from infections, you will have the symptoms of this inflammation such as red, hot, and swollen patches. But, it is also a fact that inflammation can occur without giving you any prior signs. It depends upon the white blood cell and C-reactive protein. However, if we talk about the way through which you can measure inflammation in your body, a blood test is the best way. This test will let you know about the WBD count and the amount of CRP or C-reactive protein.  If the level of CRP rises, the rate of inflammation will increase. So, the blood test report will let you know about what is going on inside. American Heart Association is of the opinion that the high level of CRP in your blood can lead to heart diseases. As it is only found in blood, the blood test is the only way to measure inflammation.

Measure Inflammation At Home

Well, VTT Technical Research Centre developed portable devices that will help you to measure inflammation at home. It looks like a blood pressure monitor. A drop of blood will let your know about the important information. Yes, you can know the level of CRP in your body with the help of this portable device. However, the device has not yet been commercialized.

We hope that you have understood the important things about inflammation measurement.