Why Saving Baby Teeth Could Protect Your Child’s Health

If you are planning to keep your baby’s teeth, you are going in the right direction. Yes, we understand that one question is titillating your mind, and that is, “why save baby teeth?” But keeping your baby’s teeth is not weird, after all. There might be some sentimental reasons, but here, we are not going to tell you about that. Below is a quick breakdown of the scientific reasons behind it.

You might be surprised to know that keeping a baby’s teeth can help them in the future. Yes, if your child faces any physical problem in the future, their baby teeth will be helpful in such a scenario. This is because researchers have found that baby teeth contain stem cells that could potentially be used in the treatment of injuries or medical conditions.

Why Save Baby Teeth?

  • Defeat Cancer: We know the deadly impacts of cancer, and if your kid is diagnosed with any type of cancer, their baby teeth, consisting of stem cells, could save their life. 
  • Treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s: Stem cells might be used for treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In such a scenario, both adults and children rely on a bone marrow donor. But if you have the baby teeth, it may provide a potential treatment option.

Researchers have discovered that stem cells are black “starter cells” that can receive instructions allowing them to perform the same functions as surrounding cells. Therefore, it can be used for treating several kinds of human maladies that require cellular regeneration. However, researchers of the United States National Centre for Biotechnology have also found that stem cells are also ideal for heart attack patients.

Along with the stem cells, bone marrow is needed for dealing with several human ailments. But getting access to bone marrow is a painful and invasive procedure if being taken from an arm, thigh, or hip bone. But, if you have a collection of baby teeth, this may be less of any issue.

Of course, this research is ongoing. Many people already save baby teeth for sentimental reasons. However, one day this may pay off for your child.