reasons choose free web hosting

Reasons why you should not choose free web hosting

Numerous free web hosts now available online

Online services are currently available either for free or for a certain price. However, usually, when people are asked to choose from free or paid services, they often choose to go for that which does not require them to spend any amount of money; hence, they opt for the free ones. Of course, the common question would be why spend your hard earned money when you can get things you want for free. At present, various options for free hosting of website are even available for web owners to choose from.

Does not give what you need

The question, however, is that are those free hosting service providers competent and sufficient to provide everything you need? Are clients of these free services satisfied with the kind of service and experience they had? Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is a big no. Most, if not all, of those who have been through a free hosting service did not get what they definitely need. In fact, some even had further issues and bigger problems being faced in their business due to having an ineffective and unsuccessful hostgator coupon. Truly, free services won’t cost you any amount of penny at all, but what can you expect to obtain in return?

Causes destruction on your webpage

More often than not, free services can turn your web page into an advertising machine that is for the disposal of the free web host only. Not only that, they also commonly produce unwanted things on your website such as banners, pop up windows, frames, among others. The design and accessibility of your website can be messed up because of these undesirable pop-ups. Moreover, free hosting service providers do not permit having advertising revenue of your site; hence, you can’t make one. While this may not be a big deal to those who are keeping a personal web page, it is such a problem for all business owners as this can mean great loss for their business.

Limited space for your website

Another reason why choosing a free service isn’t worth it at all is that it offers very limited space for your websites. If you wish to expand your website, you may have to choose another plan that offer what you need. Hence, you still end up paying for the hosting service, plus your chances of losing traffic because of changing hosts are quite high. For individuals wanting to start an online store, choosing a free host may not be the best idea as they don’t support secure web servers required by online stores to enable secure the processing of credit card online.

Does not use a secured server

As a norm, an online customer will not buy any product from an online store that does not use a secured server. Most customers are now more concerned about having their personal information or credit card information being hacked by anyone. At present, no successful online store is known to be using free hosting of web. Remember, these web hosts get income from their advertisers; hence, they do not care much about the website of a client who is not paying for them anyway.

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