Build or Buy a Bed With Speakers Built-in

I like listening to music while laying in bed, and I mean, who doesn’t right? It’s a very soothing feeling to listen to your favorite songs while having all the comfort. 

So if you’re also looking to buy or build a bed with no need to attach additional speakers, keep on reading to find out how to buy or build a bed with built-in speakers. 

Buy a Bed With Built-in Speakers 

If you’re not a fond-of-working kind of a person and don’t want to go through the tiresome process of DIYing your dream-bed, you have the option of buying one that is pre-made

Just go on a website like Amazon or Alibaba and surf until you find the perfect bed for you depending upon your preferences for things like bed material, speaker quality, and price. Usually, the prices fluctuate depending on the specifications, but they typically stay around 500 bucks; however, if you want to go higher, you could pay more for luxury add-ons. 

Build a Bed With Built-in Speakers 

There’s a possibility that some people might not like buying the bed. They could be short on budget, or they like to DIY. So let’s see briefly how you can make your own bed with built-in speakers. The process is actually not so hard, and you need to follow the below steps carefully. 


Gather the things you need so you won’t need to run around during the work. You’ll need:

  1. Speakers that you want to fit in.
  2. Undamaged wood (scrap).
  3. Screws to fix the speakers.
  4. Saw.
  5. Drill.

Cutting The Wood 

Figure out the size of the wood that you want to fit onto your bed to attach the speakers. This is purely preferential and cuts to whatever size you want to. For example, if you want to attach the speakers to the headboard of your bed, cut the wood to that size. Make sure the wood doesn’t have any dents and is not rough as it may make the bed look bad. 

Disassembling the Speakers 

Get your speakers apart. Be sure that you’re gentle and you don’t break them apart. Start by taking off the screws from the speakers, then unplug the wires and the power cord respectively. Try not to forget the arrangement of the wires as this could be a problem when you’re setting them back. Then get the circuit board out, for which you might have to desolder some of the connections between the wires. 

Fitting the Speakers 

Find a hole saw the size of the speaker cone and attach it with the body of the speakers. Drill the holes in the wood to screw in the speakers on the location you prefer.

Pass the wires of the speakers through the holes made in the wood. We already desoldered them in a previous step, now after passing them through resolder them in the same configuration. 

However, you may not have to go through this mess of desoldering and soldering again if you can get the circuit board through the hole. 

Wrapping Up 

Now turn on the music and test the speakers. If they’re working then you’re good to go, otherwise, check the connections you made to the circuit board again.