Do UV Sanitizing Wands Really Work?

We are living in a technologically advanced period with solutions for many of our most serious concerns. But with COVID-19, things have changed. People have been looking for ways to keep themselves happy and healthy. People have maintained social distancing, wearing masks, carrying no-touch tools, and much more to keep themselves protected. But will it be enough? If you minutely scrutinize the current situation, you will realize that these will not be enough as cleaning and disinfecting household items are equally important. This is where we need a UV sanitizing wand.

UV sanitizing wand companies claim that these devices can kill almost 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Moreover, these tools are portable and lightweight, so you can carry them wherever you want. But do UV sanitizing wands really work? We will let you know about this in the following article.

If you go through the description, you will definitely be amazed. Moreover, the advertisements are alluring, and according to the companies, you can disinfect almost all household items ranging from make-up brushes, computer keyboards, bedding, sofas, pet areas, and toilets.

Availability and Fake Products

You can easily get UV sanitizing wands on popular e-commerce websites such as Sharper Image, eBay, and Amazon. But you might not get fruitful outcomes from all of them. Some of them are advertised falsely because they cannot kill microbial organisms, while others are very low-powered and impractical. For example, some products require that you hold the sanitizing wand over a surface for around 30 minutes to disinfect it. 

It is important to recognize that your results will depend on the distance from the area you are sanitizing and the UV light intensity.

Is It Effective?

Ultraviolet light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and is identifiable through the following:

  • UV-A: Ranges from 315 to 400 nanometres.
  • UV-B: Ranges from 280 to 315 nanometres.
  • UV-C: Ranges from 100 to 280 nanometres.

Different UV rays produce different types of radiation, and it can damage our skin and eyes. When it comes to the process of disinfecting the product, UV rays play a very important role. It can destroy the DNA and RNA bonds of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it can prevent the spread of viruses. But this same sanitizing energy can also damage our skin and eyes. It even causes cancer.

Some microbiologists believe that duration and distance matter the most. If you are applying it on surfaces like glass and marble, you will get fruitful outcomes. On the other side, if you want to use it to disinfect cloth and wood, you might not get the desired results.

So, this is all about sanitizing wand and its efficiencies. We hope that this article would be helpful for you.