Dyson Vacuum Accessory and Tips for Cleaning Floors

As soon as you step inside the open market, there are as many as a million vacuum cleaners that you will be bombarded with. Which one are you supposed to buy?

Obviously, the one that comes with many accessories, which will assist you with all kinds of cleaning, especially in the bedroom where you may have built a new bed with speakers built-in. How great will it be to have the cleaning kit of your entire home all in one place? And that’s why you should purchase a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

A Dyson vacuum accessory is important for your vacuum cleaner. Here are a few of them, along with their functions.

Mini Dusting Brush

This one comes with soft bristles that you can use for dusting around the house. Ideally, it can be used on furniture and flat surfaces.

Tangle-Free Turbine Tool

This is the only turbine tool you will ever come across that will never entangle and put you in trouble. The heads of this tool are counter-rotating, and you can use it to remove dust and hair from upholstery and carpets.

Flexi Crevice Tool 

The thin and long gaps can be really hard to deal with. They are an ideal place for the debris to rest and are almost impossible to clean with the help of the normal cleaning tools. This baby does the job just right. It is best for awkward gaps, especially for cleaning the spaces in-between furniture.

Tips For Cleaning Floors

All kinds of floors cannot be treated equally. The methods of cleaning and maintenance can be different for all of them. So here are a few tips that you can use to clean the kind of floor you own.

Laminate Flooring

If you have laminate flooring, there are very few things that can harm them. They will maintain a new look for many years because they are created in such a way. However, do not wash it water, as the water will get under the planks. Instead, use a damp mop or a cloth to wipe it clean. Also, never polish it. If it is damaged, replace it.

Cork Flooring

The porosity of the cork floor is what makes it so beautiful. But at the same time, this is the thing that also makes it susceptible to damage resulting from water. Because it is so absorbent, it needs to be handled with care, even though it is sealed. You should wipe the spills as soon as possible. 

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is prone to scratches, more than the other kinds of floors. If you spill anything on it, make sure you wipe it up immediately. Rub a tennis ball on the floor to fade any scratches that might occur.

Linoleum Flooring

You should treat the real linoleum flooring like you would treat a cork flooring, do not wash it with water. Instead, use a damp cloth, and clean spills immediately.

Hardwood Flooring

A hardwood floor typically has two kinds of finishing: wax and polyurethane. If you rub your finger on the surface and a smudge appears, the floor is more likely to be waxed. If your floor is waxed, you need to be more careful, as the polyurethane sealed is more protected.

Here you are! A complete look at the different types of floors you can use with your Dyson vacuum accessory to get the best results.