Prosthetic Arm Helps Amputees “Free” Movement And Touch

Technology has been evolving and making our time a truly technologically advanced era. Well, amid this situation, science has given us so many efficient things and a prosthetic arm is one of them. We have extraordinary hand-eye coordination. For example, you are probably reading this article, and you used your arms to reach here. Our fingers, forearms, and wrists are beautifully synchronized and as a result, we are doing various motor movements such as swiping a screen, typing on a keyboard, clicking a mouse, and many more on a daily basis. Now, if someone lost his or her hand, what will he or she do? What kind of technologically advanced machine can restore the abilities to touch, tap and grip?

Now, this is where the prosthetic arm comes into play. With the advancement of science and technology, it has been developed in such a way so that amputees can freely move their arms and touch objects. A recent study that has been conducted at the University of Utah helps researchers to engineer a new advanced prosthetic system. They have made a new prosthetic arm that will help amputees to feel different types of sensations. It will also help them to grasp a wide range of delicate objects such as a glass of wine, pen, paper, and many more.

People generally think that touch has only one sense. However, it is not completely true; a single touch consists of different senses. It is also said by Jacob George who is a renowned postdoctoral researcher. There are different types of sensors in your arms. They will sense pressure, vibration, temperature, and pain. Keeping this point in mind, the researchers redesigned the prosthetic arms.

According to the U.S. Amputee Coalition, there are almost 2.1 million people who have lost limbs. The figure will become double by the end of 2050. Now, not everyone can have a prosthetic arm. However, people who are equipped with the prosthetic arm can do a lot of things. We have explained some of them here.

Control Your Limbs Consciously

Now, with prosthetic arms, a person can consciously move arms and the person can experience different types of sensation. Electrodes are installed in the nerves and muscles of the prosthetic arm.

Artificial Intelligence

The combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence has elevated the ecosystem of prosthetic arms to a whole new level. A control panel is placed in the prosthetic arm and as a result, it can be controlled in a more efficient manner.

As of now, you have understood how the technology of prosthetic arms has been evolved, and now, it has opened up a wide range of ways of using it.