What Reason Does A Dog Chew Nails?

Dogs chewing their nails is their nature; but, if they do it excessively, there must be some underlying problem. Paws what you are a doing right now and check out this article where we are going to tell you some of the reasons why dogs may chew their nails – there won’t be any more dog puns.

Casualness From The Owners Towards His Dog

Some dog owners do not groom their dogs properly, and they don’t invest time in trimming the dog’s nails. As a result, the nails get too long, and the dog feels pain when they run or jump. Dogs have curvy nails and this can lead to pain as they walk around. Moreover, long nails injure the skin and they may start biting their own nails.

Allergic Reaction

Another reason is an allergic reaction. Some dogs have an allergy to pollen and grass. Their paws become itchy and they start chewing them to get rid of the discomfort. Sometimes, chewing on their nails gives them temporary relief. So, it is always better to talk to a veterinarian and find out the source of these allergic triggers.

Fungal Infections

Dogs love to jump, run and play with you, but this can lead to wounds around the nails. Unfortunately, when this happens they can’t tell you about it happening, and an untreated wound could attract fungus and lead to your dog’s nails being affected by the infection. If this happens, dogs will chew their nails. But as an owner you have to check their nails and see whether it has become red or swollen. If you notice any issues, you may need to get an antibiotic from the vet.


You might be surprised to know that like humans, dogs become anxious. Humans chew our nails when we are affected by anxiety, and dogs are much the same. Jokes can help to take the edge off if you are a person, but dogs don Several factors can make a dog anxious, such as their surroundings, certain sounds, separation from the owner, and dominance from other dogs. Boredom can also be the reason for anxiety. Your dog sometimes becomes nervous because of these things and starts chewing their nails. A non-toxic rubber ball can solve this problem. Let your dog take out that anxiety on the rubber ball, take them for a long walk, and look into other behavioral training programs.

Compulsive Disorders

Do you know that dogs suffer from compulsive disorders? It happens because of repetitive routines. Similar to anxiety, you need to work out the mental and physical anxiety your dog is experiencing.

Behavioral Disorders

Along with these, behavioral issues also manifest as nail chewing problems, and in such cases, a behavioral modification technique can be used. Distraction techniques can also be used.

We hope this article would help you to understand the problems that titillate dogs to chew their nails.